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Ay has spent her career working in different nonprofit sectors including workforce development, college access and organizational development. She has a passion for helping her community and challenging injustice.

Ay Spivey launched her brand in response to gaps in the community. There is a fundamental need to be intentional and purposeful about inclusion and equity; and how those two principals combined intersect and influence individual behavior, collective groups & social systems.

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Black Women are magical, complex, beautiful, amazing-bosses, moms, partners and everything in between. There is a cultural bond between Black Women that cannot be explained. From how we compliment each other- COME THROUGH BROWS, YAASSSSS You Did That- to how we support each other.

Sistah Gurl Society wants to elevate the way we love on each other through cards; where we write down the next master plan through notebooks; and how we decorate our space through accessories and apparel.

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Garcia Consulting Group (GCG) provides services to businesses, nonprofits, and political campaigns to enhance marketing and organizational efficiency.

GCG is owned by Roger and Yanira Garcia. As business partners, we provide consulting and media services to local companies, political candidates, and nonprofits in the Nebraska-Iowa area. GCG provides quality bilingual (Spanish/English) services in communications and outreach to the Latino community and the general public.

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I am an Omaha, NE based artist that is continuously inspired by the world around me. From music, to travel, to the people around me… All of it inspires me to make something beautiful.

MEDIUMS: oil | acrylic | watercolor | pencil | colored pencil | charcoal | ink

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